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Autumnal: A Collection of Elegies
Lisa Bowden, editor
Price: $13 ISBN: I-888553-21-9

Here is a collection of contemporary elegies by 15 poets and a violinist compiled during what the Chinese call the season of grief. When faced with great loss, many artists search for remnants of memory to create something meaningful out of what is gone. What the living do, if we are to follow Marie Howe's edict, is to make music and poetry.

Contributors to Autumnal: Vicki Brown, Tedi Lopez-Mills, Wendy Burk, Jennifer Barber, Sylvia Um, Sandra Lim, Jane Miller, Marie Howe, Deborah Fries, Renee Angle, Niki Herd, Elline Lipkin, Joni Wallace, Olga Broumas, Frances Sjoberg, and Ann Dernier.

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Essays Out Loud: On Having Adventures

& A Necessary End
Nancy Mairs
Price: $14.95 ISBN: I-888553-17-0

Two remarkable essays read aloud by this outspoken, award-winning author: "On Having Adventures" from Nancy Mairs' first book Plaintext, and "A Necessary End" from her most recent, A Troubled Guest. These are brave and candid explorations that take up the themes of death and the self with exquisite detail.

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The Monarchs
Alison Hawthorne Deming
Double audio CD set
Price: $20

Kore Press proudly presents The Monarchs: A Poem Sequence on audio, read by author Alison Hawthorne Deming.

Excerpt 1 (MP3, 1:44, 1.2 MB)

. . . Why do we struggle to live

when the wild creatures simply do their living?
One summer I drove into this city
after an acid trip, left one friend off and
continued with another who'd gone

benignly psychotic---twelve-foot angels
standing behind him while his body turned
to sawdust. What was guiding us then

but the desire to find a deeper way?

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Jewed 'I-Hoi/Earth Movements
Ofelia Zepeda
Paper with audio CD; offset and letterpress, 1000 numbered copies
36pp. 5 x 5
Price: $25 ISBN 1-888553-06-5

In Jewed ‘I-Hoi/Earth Movements, MacArthur award-winning poet, linguist and language preservationist Ofelia Zepeda narrates eleven poems and an introductory talk in English and her native Tohono O’odham. This billingual audio CD comes with a chapbook, hand sewn into letterpress printed covers and packaged in a red clay-colored folder with cloth ribbon. Zepeda’s poems explore the poignant differences between her parents’ lives and her own life as a contemporary O’odham. Hearing her gentle voice embrace the old O’odham words is a unique and profound pleasure. 

Excerpt from Earth Movements: "Riding the Earth"

She said she felt the earth move again.
I never knew whether she meant she felt a tremor
or whether it was the rotation of the earth.
I like to think she felt the rotation, because
anyone can feel a tremor.

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