1. In a study conducted between March 2008 and January 2010, 13% of the authors and reviewers in the New York Times and 31% of the authors in C-SPAN'S After Words were women. (See source.)

2. Of the 102 Nobel Prize Winners in Literature, only 12 have been women, and only 3 in the last decade.

3. In the history of the National Book Awards, only 22 percent of the 343 winners have been women. This number has gone down by 7 percent in half a decade and since 2005, only 2 of the 16 National Book Award winners were women.

4. Only 26% of the members of the New York Times editorial board are women, as with only 35% at The Wallstreet Journal, and 33% at the Los Angeles Times. Since its inception in 1923, Time Magazine has never had a female editor.

5. Since 1948, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction has gone to 42 men and just 16 women.

See more pretty pie charts & awesome statistics that VIDA compiles annually on the gender bias in publishing and writing.


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