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Silent Anatomies

Silent Anatomies

by Monica Ong

7.5 x 10", 96 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-69-7

Price: $19.95

In her sardonic, thus melancholic, Silent Anatomies, Monica Ong brilliantly skews the marking of surfaces. Writing—yes—but also defacement/effacement, surgical incision, racism. With text, photography, collage, and illustration, she maps the twisting way of familial shame; dissects metaphor; and hawks (and hocks) “Ancient Chinese Secrets” as medicinal cakewalks (who’s selling what to whom?). Slippery.Douglas Kearney

Scorpyn Odes by Laynie Browne



Scorpyn Odes

by Laynie Browne

7 x 7", 56 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-70-3

Price: $16.95

The mysterious power of the scorpion, both animal and constellation, informs the complex emotions of wrenchingly ongoing departure in this beautiful collection of odes to distance, absence, connection, and memory. The scorpion is the "miniature vessel of time" that both poisons and heals: the gorgeous poetry around it is the "house of hope/constructed solely of words." In this world of departures, Browne allows us to "Say possibly nothing is forgotten.—Marcella Durand



Deborah Fries, The Bright Field of Everything

The Bright Field of Everything

by Deborah Fries

6 x 9", 64 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-49-9

Price: $16.95

Deborah Fries is a seer.—Leonard Gontarek

Fries puts us in the predicament of the fruit fly, for which “Life is short, and the landscape gorgeous".

—John Timpane

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This Coalition of Bones

by Cori A. Winrock

6 x 9", 88 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-72-7

Price: $16.95


These poems blow me away.—Deborah Fries

A noteworthy debut. Tell your mama.—Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon


River Legs by Jen McClanaghan

River Legs

by Jen McClanaghan


2013 First Book winner,

selected by Nikky Finney

6 x 9", 80 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-71-0

Price: $16.95




River Legs is a powerful and haunting debut---David Wojahn


The Best of Kore Press: Poetry

The Best of Kore Press: Poetry

edited by Ann Dernier

with Lisa Bowden

Gail Browne

Natalie Diaz

Niki Herd

Rebecca Seiferle

Joni Wallace

Introduction by Alison Hawthorne Deming

6 x 9", 88 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-74-1

Price: $16.95

This is an important collection because it demands that we, as female writers, not conform, rather, we must only write the things that are in us to be written.—Natalie Diaz



Dead Meander by Adria Bernardi

Dead Meander

essays by Adria Bernardi

6 x 8", 152 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-54-3

Price: $18.95

Bernardi's poetic prose is hypnotic and original.—Eleanor Wilner


Adria Bernardi's Dead Meander

wins an IPPY Bronze

medal in creative non-fiction!

Reading Dickinson in Icelandic by Eva Heisler

Reading Emily Dickinson in Icelandic

poems by Eva Heisler

6 x 9", 114 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-53-6

Price: $17.95


Eva Heisler has written a remarkable book.—Michael Burkard






Skinny by Carolyn Hembree


by Carolyn Hembree

6 x 9", 72 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-50-5

Price: $16.95


Carolyn Hembree rips into language almost physically to make new phrasing out of her Southern lexicon. Skinny, an autobiographical tour de force, arrives full of swagger: In this debut volume of poems, Hembree gets as close to the original words for things as I can remember anyone doing in a long time.—Jane Miller

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Double Agent by Michelle Chan Brown

2011 First Book Award Winner

selected by Bhanu Kapil

Double Agent

by Michelle Chan Brown

6 x 9," 80 pgs, perfect bound


Price: $16.95


In this vivid, near-submerged world, I paid particular attention to the ways in which containment and incompetence were worked out by the writer. Chan Brown sets a strict boundary--"Don't wait"--only to assess its transgression: "Come quickly." Go. Come back. Stay. Double Agent is a flip-book of the very best kind. Bhanu Kapil

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Given Away by Jennifer Barber

Given Away

by Jennifer Barber

6 x 9," 80 pgs, perfect bound

ISBN: 978-1-888553-56-7

Price: $16.95

The skill of versification in these poems is what makes us hear them—and what we hear gives pleasure, even when it’s dark. Barber’s poems have a tragic grandeur. Natural description exhibits poise and tensile strength: ‘I don’t know/whether the freckled light//has swallowed the white arms//of the birch tree whole/or if the birch is light//bending the end of summer through its leaves.’ This is beautiful work.

David Ferry