DONATING ARTISTS get something back!

"In my opinion, Kore Press is putting together one of the most artist-friendly auctions in Tucson."

                                                                                                                -- Jude Clarke, metalsmith


WHAT: Kore Press 20th Annual Benefit Art & Services Auction & Garden Party

WHEN: Sunday, Nov 10, 2013 @ 2pm


arts patrons at the 2012 Kore Press Silent Auction & Garden Party





WHY DONATE?We remain committed to making our annual art auction the most artist-friendly fundraiser in Tucson. We will show the work in an online gallery for public preview; non-themed work will be shown and sold on-line; themed work will be shown at the event.

We drive traffic to the site with e-mail announcements to our international mailing list of over 6000.

We provide a supply of 4-color postcards (e and print) for your publicity list.

Your bio, the story of your piece, and contact information will be available to viewers and attendees.

We also provide bidder contact information to artists for those who were interested in their work, whether they bought the piece or not.

Check out the full benefits of donating your art to the Kore Press event here.






HOW: Complete pledge form and pay attention to...

The timeline:

Sept 12: confirm your participation via email.

Sept 26: submit pledge form, the story of your piece, and contact information in 50 words or less along with image file for jurying and online preview to

Oct 9:

art must be in the Kore Press office if you need a photo taken for preview or publicity.

Oct 11: deliver artwork by this date to Kore office or arrange for pick up. 327-2127.

Questions? E-mail Lisa for more information.