Artists’ Request for Participation & Publicity Opportunity

Donate Your Work to the 2013 Kore Press Silent Auction &

20th Bday in the Garden Party

Event date: Sunday, November 10, 2013, 2pm

Benefits of Contributing Your Work

  • Preview and/or showing of your work online through the Kore Press website, with link to your website. E-mail announcement to over 6000 readers internationally (online bidding and purchasing available.)
  • A supply of 4-color postcards (print and e-version) about the event for mailing to your publicity list.
  • Free admission to the event—includes buffet.
  • Story of your work and your contact information listed in the event program.
  • A list, including contact information, of everyone who bid on your work.
  • You will be part of the growing Kore community that is dedicating itself to lifting up the voices of women and girls for another 20 years—to help the Press become one of the most prestigious and innovative organizations for women writers in the country.


In my opinion, Kore Press is putting together one of the most artist-friendly

auctions in Tucson. 

                                                     -- Jude Clarke, metalsmith

How We Connect You to Potential Collectors

  • A low ticket price to bring more potential buyers and create greater accessibility to the event.
  • Intensive and personal outreach to the arts community.
  • Listings in public events calendars and increased PR because of Kore Press’ 20th birthday & heightened national attention in the recent years.
  • Increased attention to the Auction layout as an "exhibit space" for greater viewing and access by bidders.

For questions, contact Therese at (520) 327-2127 or