coming in hot

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Interview Lisa Bowden, co-founder and publisher of Kore Press. Kore's vision has been to publish and distribute excellent works of literary and artistic value by a diversity of women, including those traditionally underrepresented in the cultural mainstream; to promote those voices; and to educate young people about publishing and literary activism.

Interview Jeanmarie Simpson, Lisa Bowden and Shannon Cain about their experience adapting for performance the book, Powder: writing by women in the ranks from Vietnam to Iraq.Learn about the process of transforming the words from the page to the stage.

The Music: Vicki Brown is a master violinist and sound sculptress. Learn how she approached creation of the original compositions and sound effects for Coming In Hot.

Military Mom: Interview actor/co-adaptor Jeanmarie Simpson about being the mother of a serviceman as she continues her peace activism and tours with Coming In Hot.