Kore Press acknowledges the following individuals and groups who have helped to make the September Coming in Hot: Civil Discourse Tour possible. Special thanks go to Barbara Allen, Mary Jo Ghory, and Betsy Bolding, who generously hosted salons in their homes to raise funds in April ’10. 

Great thanks also go to Jeanmarie Simpson, who is dedicating time and resources to carry the flame of this project to other parts of the country.


Barbara Allen

Kathleen Allen

Arizona Humanities Council

BANG/Jacqueline Tosline-Davis

Beth Baulk

Heather Brittain Bergstrom

Betsy Bolding 

Monica Bottone

George Bowden

Dr. Joyceen Boyle

Albert and Gail Brown

Gail Browne & Frances Sjoberg 

Joan Kaye Cauthorn

Erin Collier

Ann  Dernier

Patricia Devito

Kimi Eisele

Deborah Esarey

Elizabeth Evans & Steven Reitz

Deborah Fries

Mary Jo Ghory

Linda Green

Debra Gregerman

Laura Gronewold

Gene Hall

Erin Hughes

Deborah Henry

Terry Hurley

Diane Knorr

Gregory McNamee

Victoria Mills

Jean Mulvaney

Christopher Nelson

Rita Nelson

Amy Novelli

Betts Putnam-Hidalgo

Eve Rifkin

Kathleen Roberts

Amy Rusk

Elouise Rusk

Katie Rutterer

Barrie Ryan

Rebecca Seiferle 

Amanda Shauger

Catherine Larson & Shelley Phipps  

George & Deborah Shelton

Kenna Smith

Marcia Tiede

Sheila Tobias

University of Arizona Women’s Resource Center

Voices of Opposition Film Series

Kim Westerman

Amy Weintraub

Andrea Werblin

Heidi Wilson

Laura X

Carla Zingarelli Rosenlicht