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Help the cause! You can donate your AZ State tax credit to invest in the Grrls Literary Activism Workshop (open to female and transgendered youth). Read more here.

The Grrls Literary Activism Workshop is a project of Kore Press, which is supported in part by the Tucson-Pima Arts Council, The Arizona Commission on the Arts through appropriations from the National Endowment for the Arts, various private foundations, individual donors, and tax credits dollars designated by AZ residents, in partnership with City High School.


Thank you to previous tax credit donors!

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Previous workshop blog: Grrls with Guts: A Writing Course

Tucson Weekly covers a Grrls event under "Poet Power"




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Who we are: GRRLS are young women or female-identified or trans individuals ages 14-20. We explore issues, find our voice, write, read out loud, take photographs, and present our words and ideas to the public.

Our writing, our art, our voices matter.

We are part of the community, we are social activists.

The GRRLS statement: In the spirit of fostering a new generation of diverse, confident, independent-minded and creative artists/citizens/leaders, the Kore Press Grrls Literary Activism Workshops empower young women with the skills necessary to express themselves on social issues that matter most to them and become potent agents of change.

There is a commonly held assumption that women are given equal treatment because of the great strides made by social change movements of the last few decades, but somehow women are still rewarded for silence. We are changing that one Grrl at a time.

More about the Grrls Project. Spring 2009 GRRLS Blog here!

The Grrls Workshops: here are our guidelines and goals.

What the Grrls' are saying:

Carrie: "Developing my voice is activism."
Emily: "My writing is less BS and more what I personally want to say ...
My social skills have improved as well as my writing skills."
Edward: "I love speaking out."
Robin: "I realized self experience and expression ... are a form of
Miki: "I feel more capable of being involved, and using my words/creativity to make change."

The workshops are facilitated by local women writers and artists. 

Past and present Grrls facilitators:

poets Joni Wallace, Ann Dernier, Renee Angler

writers Kirsten Valdez Quade, Charlie Buck, Judy Sensibar

painter and poet Debra Gregerman

filmmaker Jamie Lee

writer and dancer Kimi Eisele

The Grrls Workshops have limited space. No experience necessary. We work with Grrls or female identified youth ages 14-20 who want to speak out and be heard! Grrls make in impact in the community with art, who want to write with their peers and adult writers.

Interested? Contact us at grrls@korepress.org for workshop and sign-up information and/or click the application link in the right-hand column.




Become an active part of your community!

Interview AZ officials, journalists, and artists! Study the history of engaged citizenry.

Explore different forms of public involvement:

art activism, editorials, video and radio broadcast, public readings, city council meetings and more!

Learn how to get involved and make the changes you want to see in your world.


The Workshop is free!

Excellent opportunities for creative writing and community activism.

click here for an application

in PDF format

in WORD format


Persephone Speaks!

Grrls Workshop Participant Sophia Licona published on the Kore Blog, her piece: "How to Treat Your Minority Students"

Spring '09 Grrls billboard project


our Grrls logo is a paper collage created by Piper Conrad, then a junior at City High School, during our first pilot year in 2005.


Spring '09 Grrls billboard project