December 2013

Dear friend of the Grrls Literary Activism Workshop,


I’m hoping you’ll consider dedicating your 2013 Arizona tax credit to the Kore Press Grrls Literary Activism project, in partnership with City High School. We believe in educating girls, our future leaders, about the power of the human voice and the power of their words to make a difference in our world.


The Grrls project is going strong, thanks in large part to the help of people like you who care about lifting up the voices of our youth. In February, 2013, and running through June, girls from various high schools around Tucson convened once a week at City High School/Voices to learn interviewing/writing/editing/audio techniques and collected the stories of female veterans in Arizona. They listened, wrote, cultivated their own voice and reflections, and worked with adult facilitators to begin an audio archive for the community.


As you know, the Arizona Tax Credit program allows Arizona residents to designate up to $200 of their state income tax for educational purposes ($400/couple). This is not a tax deduction, it’s an actual tax credit, which means your tax bill for 2013 is reduced by the full amount you give. Our special collaboration with City High School makes this possible.


This year, in addition to your tax credit designation, I’d like to ask a special favor. Would you pass along to a friend a copy of this information? If each of our tax credit donors can find one additional person to join her, we’ll be that much stronger. We’re are entering our 8th year of the project, and know that it’s truly important to continually build a solid and wide base of support to invest in the next generation of female leaders. I’m confident we can do it together, AND it's easy!


First, click through to the City High tax credit pledge form to designate your credit to Kore Press Residencies/Grrls Workshops. Second, click through to remit payment on-line here. You can also print one to mail for yourself and/or send one to a friend. The deadline to write your check to City High is December 31, 2013. Thank you for helping lift up the voices of our girls!




Lisa Bowden



PS: Spouses as well as partners filing separately can each designate $200, so you can have twice the impact by persuading your sweetheart to join you.