Delight -- becomes pictorial:

A Visual Lexicon of Dickinson's First Lines


A Birthday Party for Emily D -- Big Read Tucson Finale

The works of 29 local, national, and international artists comprise "Delight--becomes pictorial"—an exhibition of artwork created in response to Dickinson's first lines. The exhibition is curated by Heather Green & Valerie Galloway for Kore Press and Big Read Tucson. All works are 8x10", reflecting the size of Dcikinson's handbound manuscripts. All artwork is for sale, with proceeds benefitting Kore Press & the artists. Exhibit runs through Dec 31. Open Fridays and Saturday evenings, and by appointment: call 327-2127.

The Big Read Pop-Up Gallery

429 N 6th Ave, Suite #179

Open Fridays and Saturdays

in December from 3:30 - 6:30 p.m.


Artwork Preview

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"Between the form of Life and Life"

Ellen McMahon 

Archival fine art print mounted on aluminum (#1 in edition of #5)



"Bee -- I've been expecting you"

Janet K. Miller

Reversed Glass Painting


"Hope is the thing with Feathers"

Catherine Eyde

mixed media drawing on archival recycled paper



"There is an arid Pleasure"

Barbara Rogers

Oil on ragcote paper on panel



"These are the days when Birds come

back-- "

Maria Lee

Letterpress, Intaglio



"Mama never forgets her birds"

Giselle Potter




"A Sparrow took a Slice of Twig"

Margaret Suchland

Mixed media collage




"We grow accustomed to the dark"

Beata Wehr

Mixed media



"We dream -- it is good we are dreaming"

Shannon Smith

Pigment Print/Photogrpahy


"A death blow is a Life blow to some"

Mauricio Toussaint

Mixed media drawing on handmade Amate paper




"I Send You a Decrepit Flower"

Patricia Katchur

Photograph / Mixed media




"No ladder needs the bird but skies"

Ben Johnson

Graphite on Bristol Board




"Escape is such a thankful word"

Kelly Leslie

Digital Archival Print



"I can wade Grief--"

Cerese Vaden

Mixed Media


"I never told the buried gold"

Lisa Jo Roedn

Archival Pigment Print


"Conjecturing a Climate"

Debra Gregerman

Encaustic & Oil


"Nature is what we see"

Sally Dannels

Oil on panel, mixed media


"A wife--At Daybreak I Shall Be"

Carolina Caples Stosius

Oil Painting


"After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside"

Bill Mackey

Mixed Media


"Consulting summer's clock"

Susannah Castro

Oil on Board


"I heard, as if I had no Ear"

Chika Matsuda

Plaster, wood



"A loss of something ever felt I--"

Tomiko Jones





Clare Carpenter

Monoprint and watercolor


"After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside"

Lara Hill

Oil & encaustic on board


"Bind me--I can still sing--"

Kimi Eisele




"Beauty crowds me till I die"

Cathy Cullis

Clay & Paint


"How Human Nature dotes"

Kim Largey

Mixed Media collage


"A slash of blue"

Julie Sasse

Mixed on paper (framed)


"A House upon the Height"

Gwyneth Scally

Oil on Duralar


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