Women's Voices Against War

Martha Osteimer

Pressing the Deal for Pretty

I want to chase you

furiously. Get the pace

of not resolving anything

squarely in hand. See

the sunset wincing

over some colors and

white winged doves

in piles 'til they

finally fall asleep.

I want to love

one moment into memory.

Children loping.

A trinity of butterflies

spiking the sky. See

something given get

taken away like a pack

of debutantes furled

in whte taffeta whirling

their asses, pressing

the deal for pretty.

Or grackles stuck up

too in droves of black

and blue fingering off trees.

I want to memorize

the beauty of everything

like permanent make up

and gloving it up for the party.

Not seeing birds and planes

hemorrhaging the sky. See

everything not flag dipped

on alert, but so damn pretty

spinning like we all are

right into the ending.