Women's Voices Against War

Debra Gregerman


Even with your devil-cakes

his monkey's face, negotiate.

Come the plane-scratched sky for proof

his man-sized hand vasts yours.

Insult the wine merchant, a friend

who matters most, because.

Amuse music. For some militia,

each epoch ends on implosion.

Mutes often confuse talk

for argument, music for time imploding.

Time to kill died last year.

Or sleep upside-down. Impregnate yourself.

Jerk-off worships the imploded father.

Even perverts get married,

vasting the argument. Body builder with his dog's face

beach-combs by drunks, and a man with a million wines

scroens a man for one.

Epoxy-huffer who loves honey-suckle still loves

honeysuckle. Paper negotiates

water, as brushwork.

The rivers are salivating. Drink as a dog might.

Mornings's every eyelash carries militia weight.