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"'Coming in Hot' looks comparable in power and scope to the compelling theater Simpson created for California Stage a few years ago. Her play “A Single Woman”, an astonishing story about peace patriot Jeanette Rankin, is still remembered fondly by Sacramento audiences."--Ray Tatar, California Stage Artistic Director
"Just writing to endorse the upcoming Tucson production of 'Coming in Hot.' Jeanmarie Simpson has a stellar reputation in regional theater and will probably give one hell of a performance."
---Mark Crawford, former theater critic of the Reno Gazette

"You have my deep respect for taking on this project. I know you approach this play as you have approached everything in your life, as a feminist, a peace activist, and a consummate professional. Women soldiers are a complex subject; your exploration can only broaden the conversation and deepen our understanding."---Peggy Bailey Doogan, painter, Tucson

“I originally joined the military to help fund my education. I enjoyed the community that exists within the military family. During boot camp the USS Cole was bombed in Aden, Yemen. This attack was only a prelude to the devastation of 9/11, which came as the wake up call to me that my nice quiet enlistment would be anything but, yet I felt pride that I would be part of the defense of my country. Unfortunately, the leadership that held the reigns was not whom I would choose to send me or my comrades into battle. Only time will tell if our current leadership can correct the past mistakes.

My mother [Jeanmarie Simpson] is a pacifist and a peace activist and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I believe that diplomacy should never be exhausted but I also believe that our enemy (an enemy that our own foreign policy did, unfortunately, create), will not accept our apologies. The damage has been done and innocent people’s lives are at risk. I am in a position to help protect them. I do not serve those in power; I took an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that is my misison. I can only hope that my mother and the peace movement can one day convince the leadership of not only this country, but of all nations, to approach conflict with non-violent means and work toward the preservation of life.” --Donald Paul Stockton, Active Reservist with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 18, Student

"I know I will not leave the theatre humming the theme song of "Coming In Hot".   But, I will be forever marked by the military women whose stories from the book Powder will be interpreted by the incredibly talented actor, playwright, activist Jeanmarie Simpson."

---Stephanie Keenan WILPFer/Raging Granny, Santa Cruz and Tucson

"I endorse Jeanmarie Simpson as a member of WILPF and chair of Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan Issue Committee. "--Marge Van Cleef

As an Air Force Reservist who has trained side by side with brilliant women dedicated to serving their country, I applaud Kore Press' efforts to make their voices heard and contributions recognized. This is a valuable gift to the American people. On behalf of the entire Ward 2 Office, we thank all women in the military for their service.--Rodney Glassman, Ward 2 City Councilman

"Let's endorse!"

---Libby Frank, WILPF member since 1951, Middle East activist

"If Jeanmarie Simpson channels these military women even half as well as she did Jeannette Rankin in 'A Single Woman' we are in for a treat with 'Coming in Hot.'"--Cheri Smith, Quaker

"I am very much aware of you and your creative work  'A Single Woman' and now 'Coming in Hot.' Sending lots of energy, lots of validation, and of course, love and peace."---Phyllis Menard, nun turned activist, marriage and family counselor

"Both Aland and I support your play/video."

---Alan Haber and Odile Hugonot Haber


“I heartily endorse 'Coming In Hot'! Whether they planned it or not, the stories these women tell make a compelling case against war.”
--Cindy Sheehan, Peace Activist, Gold Star Mothers for Peace

"It's about time the voices of military women are heard! They are our daughters and sisters and their stories are our own." ---Laura X, member, Veteran Feminists of America, founder/director of the former National Clearinghouse on Marital and Date Rape, Berkeley, California

"If you have the chance, please go and see Jeanmarie Simpson in 'Coming In Hot.' She is a fantastic actress and a real Peace Activist. Her play 'A SINGLE WOMAN'-- about the life of Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin, was such a powerful anti-war statement!

--Frank Dorrel - Publisher of


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"Anyone fully alive is a concerned activist of sorts, but many of us who are poets, artists, concerned citizens are often quietly addressing our cultural landscape. Not Jeanmarie Simpson. She's an artist/citizen who reminds us often, and unquietly so, that we must pay attention, that our lives and legacies count on our doing so."---Gailmarie Pahmeier, University of Nevada


"'Coming in Hot' is a stunning collection of stories told in an array of voices, each with its own unique perspective on the topic of war. These stories - emotional, thoughtful and compelling - would be impressive in any context, but are made even more so by the fact that they come from those long-overlooked heroes - the women of the American military. In that vein, I think you should run to see this show; not simply because you'd enjoy it, but because it's your duty."

---Jeremy Cole, director, Amnesty International Activist, CiH script consultant, San Francisco

"Jeanmarie, I would be happy to endorse any of your work as the masterpiece that I know I will be."

---Shane Piccinini, Sierra Interfaith Action for Peace

"Our American Armed Services have been, for a very long time, an important way that our society has honored our principles of equality and social mobility. I know that in my life, my service in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam was a very important set of experiences that helped me as an American and as a person. Thank you for helping bring forward an important story about the expanding role of women, as well as another chapter in the life of our country making its promise come true.--Steve Leal, Councilmember
Ward 5

"Wow! I feel this is such a valuable performance and message to relay to communities around the world. Jeanmarie's abilities in acting are exactly perfect to bring balance in these confusing and complex issues."

----Rhonda Gerych, Reno, Nevada, patron of the arts